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We always have some beautiful crystal chunks of the Argentinian Campo del Cielo iron with masses between 15g and 20g. Prepared by super-cooling and fracturing, these attractive examples of this historic meteorite are shipped in an acrylic display box with full details!

Shrapnel fragments of the Sikhote-Alin iron
meteorite are always available from 5g - 10g.
As with all our smaller samples, these are
delivered with full history in an acrylic box.

NWA 869 is probably one of the better known common chondrites to have come out of the Sahara! It has been variously classified from L4 to L6, and often shows brecciation, chondrules and fusion crust.
We offer genuine pieces of lunar meteorite!
This will probably be a fragment of NWA 4483.
Give her or him the Moon, for a very reasonable sum! Similarly-sized Martians at the same price!


Indo-Chinese Tektites are generally considered
to be impactites of some sort: but from where did they originate? No-one has yet found a terrestrial crater that 'fits the bill', leading some authorities to suggest a lunar origin!
Large examples also available from £10.
£5 (small)