Watch this space! We have invested thousands of pounds in new stock this month!


Some of you may know that the export
of Campo del Cielo irons is now subject
to even more restrictions. Accordingly, we
have added a large number of beautiful
specimens in the 200g - 300g range to our
inventory. These are stable, impressive and
very keenly priced!
We have obtained some more beautiful
slices of the Seymchan pallasite!
These are stable, translucent and among
the most attractive we have had for a while!

We also have some new corner-cuts and chunks.
It's taken three months to bring a consignment of
unclassified NWA chondrites into the UK, but it was
worth the wait!

There are some real beauties, with primary & secondary
crust, regmaglypts and obvious chondrules and chondrule
pits. We have masses from 20g up to 500g.

Always popular, so first come, first served!
30p / g

These beautiful Campo del Cielo iron look
terrific on display! Their
masses range from
750g to 1500g and, like all our Campos, are
well-marked and stable.
Contact us for details!

From £300
We've restocked with some affordable pieces of
Libyan Desert Glass that range from 24g - 80g.
These fill the gap in our inventory of smaller
and larger individuals. Very hard to obtain these
days and sure to rise in value.
£1 / g
We've just invested in some of the very best
Sikhote Alin and Canyon Diablo samples we've
ever had! These fill the gap in our inventory of
smaller and larger individuals and range from
35g to 80g. Sure to sell quickly at these prices!
From £30

We've managed to restock with decent
pieces of the Nantan iron meteorite that
fell in Guangxi Province in 1516. Ranging
from 20g - 40g, these are really good value:
try and find genuine examples in the online
auction sites!

We have managed to obtain a few really
excellent large pieces of Sikhote Alin shrapnel.
These are
beautifully marked and in pristine
condition: so hard to obtain nowadays!

We have some really excellent large slices of the
Seymchan pallasite.

These are from the outer regions of this
meteorite and do not display olivine crystals.
They range from 30g - 80g and are absolutely
stunning examples!

Additionally. we have similar (but smaller) slices
of the Muonionalusta iron from Sweden: these are
stable and beautifully etched

from £55
from £30
We offer some terrific polished and etched slices
of the Campo del Cielo iron: all with masses over
100g. The scale cube is 1cm, so you can see they
have a large average size!
Acrylic coated for protection, these are ideal for
handing around in classrooms or society meetings.

We have acquired examples of some
of the rarest impactites available:

* Zhamanshinite
* Anthraxolite
* Grey Sudbury melt rock
* Onaping
* Stac Fada suevite
* Bristol impact layer

Only limited amounts available!

This beautiful slice of Bondoc displays the
classic mesosiderite structure. Found on
Luzon Island, Philippines in 1956 it has a
large surface area of 55mm x 40mm and
a mass of 20g. Others available, both smaller
and much larger!

Found in March, 2013, NWA 7977 is a
greenish diogenite, composed almost
entirely of orthopyroxene.
Some of our examples contain translucent
crystals that give them a pallasite-like

Similar - and just as impressive - is
NWA 7831: it too is predominantly green,
but even more translucent!
Discovered in March, 2013 in Morocco, this
is a great way to add a large diogenite to
your collection: we have plenty of good-sized
This glazed A4 frame contains decent-sized
fragments of the three HED achondrite
types from the asteroid 4-Vesta: Howardite,
Eucrite and Diogenite. Many other similar
collections are available or can be custom-made
to your requirements! A great gift to a friend
or to yourself!
Amazing! We have obtained a limited
amount of K-T boundary material from
Hell Creek - the world's most famous
Cretaceous exposure. The samples contain
numerous microtektites and may even hold
miniscule amphibian and reptile bones.
Supplied in membrane boxes for viewing
both sides!
We have recently added a good number of
very large Rizalites to our inventory: with
amazing texture and lustre and masses up
to 400g, these intriguing Philippine tektites
are seldom available.
From £40

This boxed set contains nine different samples
of Australian meteorites and impactites:-

* Huckitta
* Mundrabilla
* Henbury
* Wolf Creek
* Millbillillie
* Cook 001
* Darwin Glass
* Australite
* Murchison

With a laminated data-sheet, this
set really is phenomenal value!

Getting hold of some genuine examples of
the Chelyabinsk
LL5 chondrite has been a
little problematical, but we've managed it!
We have a couple of dozen glossy 'peas':
as well as some decent larger samples:-
when they're gone, they're gone!
In response to a number of requests, we
have produced a limited edition of framed
samples of the Chelyabinsk
LL5 chondrite.
An ideal present!
We have a good selection of Imilchil irons,
ranging from 12g - 200g. The exact date of
this meteorite’s discovery is unknown: it has
been offered for sale under the name Agoudal
since around 2000: it was recognised as an
octahedrite in 2011 and renamed after the
small Moroccan mountain town of Imilchil.
We have added a good new selection of
Gebel Kamil iron ataxite meteorites to our
inventory, including smaller examples from
as little as £45. This specimen has a mass
of 254g and costs just £200
We have obtained a few slices of the
beautiful and very stable Pallasovka
pallasite. Very hard to find these days,
ours will sell out quickly!