Small but beautiful examples of rarer types!
These sell quickly, so stock
items may differ from those illustrated below: 'phone for availability!

Taoudenni is an attractive brecciated diogenite,
found in Mali in 2007 it had a total known mass
of around 24kg. We have a few decent-sized pieces!
NWA 2949 is a classic Eucrite, purchased in Erfoud,
Morocco after being found in the Sahara in 2005.
The original total known mass was 1365g: we have
a good number of slices measuring around 20mm
Tatahouine is a diogenite from the asteroid
Vesta. This rare meteorite fell on June 27, 1931
at 0130 hours, about 2 1/2 mi. NE of the village
of Foum Tatahouine, Tunisia, breaking into
thousands of small fragments.
These examples
have masses of around 1g.

A great way to acquire a piece of Vesta without
breaking the bank!

Found in March, 2013, NWA 7977 is a
greenish diogenite, composed almost
entirely of orthopyroxene.
Some of our examples contain translucent
crystals that give them a pallasite-like

We have a good stock of the rarer achondrites,
including Winonaites, Ureilites, Lodranites,
Acapulcoites and Rumurutites.
Ideal for collectors
putting together a 'type set'.
Similar - and just as impressive - is
NWA 7831: it too is predominantly green,
but even more translucent!
Discovered in March, 2013 in Morocco, this
is a great way to add a large diogenite to
your collection: we have plenty of good-sized
Howardites are brecciated achondrites that
originated on the Asteroid Vesta. We have many
different examples, this being a fine 7.2g slice
of NWA 2696.

We have a large inventory of carbonaceous
chondrites including CVs, CMs, CIs, and CKs.

As with many carbonaceous space rocks,
eight of the twenty amino acids found in
terrestrial life have been identified in these
meteorite. Many biologists are convinced that
this is proof that life was 'seeded' on Earth
in this way!

We have just cut more slices of
the EL6/7 fossil meteorite
NWA 2965
These reveal the relict chondrules
that prove conclusively that it is
an enstatite, rather than an aubrite!
Measuring a hefty 80mm x 50mm x 5mm,
these are a bargain at just:
We have many samples of the aubrite
Al Haggounia 001. First found in 2005
North East of Laayoune, Western Sahara
this sample is shown around twice actual size.
Perhaps you might consider buying one of
our rare achondrite collections. This contains
good-sized samples of all three HED types from
the asteroid Vesta, a Lunaite, a Martian meteorite,
an Angrite that some researchers feel may have
originated on Mercury, an Aubrite, an Acapulcoite
and, finally, a Ureilite! Phenomenal value: even
if you could find examples of all nine types, you
would have to pay around £30 each!
This A4 display contains decent-sized examples
of all six
Primitive Achondrites.
Larger samples of each can be included if desired!
Very, very hard to find all six of these, particularly
at a reasonable price.
The backing image is printed on heavy grade glossy
cardstock: the ash frame is glazed and treated.

Note! Some meteorites here are shown in magnified view: masses are given as size guides!