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We have a number of superbly marked
Philippine Rizalites, with masses ranging
from 130g to 315g. Rizalites are extremely
rare and would be really wonderful additions
to your collection!
We have secured a reasonable quantity of
smaller and more affordable Rizalites
These well-marked tektites from the Philippines
average around 45g each and would be a great
addition to any collection!
Illustrated here are fragments of the
extraordinarily hard to find Darwinite

Not discovered until 1972, the crater
(near Mount Darwin, Tasmania) from
which this impact glass was collected,
is approximately 770,000 years old.
Our pieces have masses of 2g - 9g, and
are attractively priced for such a rarity.
We have several specimens of Aouelloul
impact glass, which originate around a small
crater in Mauretania. Unlike tektites, this
material has been shown to contain traces
of the meteorite that formed it!
We always have plenty of Tektites from
Indo-China: shipped in an acrylic box,
these are mostly fragmented.
The rarest of all the Tektite types is
: beware fake material that
is eidely sold online: we have plenty
of the genuine article in stock!
We have several examples of the rare
and unusual
Formed by the
impact that produced the Zhamanshin
Impact Crater, Aktyubinsk, Kazakhstan,
our examples are around 20mm x 10mm
This is a 'fladle' or pancake stone from
the Ries Crater. It is a flattened chunk of
impact melt glass, ejected during the
meteoric impact. Available in several sizes
up to around 15cm. Super items!

Muong Nong Tektites come from the Indo-China
region, generally from Laos. Unlike those above,
these tektites are considered to be terrestrial
impactites, and have a layered structure. We have
a good amount of samples in the 30g range.