We are now able to offer our world-famous meteorite study sets to discerning collectors, as well as to Schools, Universities, Colleges and Astronomical Societies!

Both of our collections contain study examples of major types of meteoric material: the top of the range 'specialist' set includes two irons, two different stones, Martian, Lunar and Vestal achondrites, a carbonaceous chondrite and a pallasite. There is room in the boxwood case for additional samples.

Our 'Starter' set ( shown at left ) constitutes equally superb value!

We offer two different collections, tailored for all pockets and every level of knowledge, both being
housed in individual padded acrylic boxes in a wooden display case. Full explanatory notes are provided:
please e-mail for details of contents!

Set name
postage& packing
Starter set
£10 S.D
Specialist set
£10 S.D

Nine martian meteorites £320
Nine lunar meteorites £300
Nine achondrite meteorites £200
This A4 display contains decent-sized examples
of all six
Primitive Achondrites.
Larger samples of each can be included if desired!
Very, very hard to find all six of these, particularly
at a reasonable price.
The backing image is printed on heavy grade glossy
cars stock: the ash frame is glazed and treated.